Here at Dyno Mutt
We guarantee you will LOVE the way your pet is treated and groomed. We'll treat YOUR pet the way we would want others to treat OURS with patience, love and understanding. Our staff consists of quality groomers. Finally, our goal is to provide professional grooming, and to treat your pets with the utmost care and respect that animals deserve.
We take pride in our work. Our customers' satisfaction is our number ONE priority!
Dyno Mutt is a day spa for dogs and cats. We wanted to create an atmosphere that would be fun and inviting for your pet. 
At Dyno Mutt, when your dog is not being washed, dried or groomed, it can wander around freely, playing with the other dogs. Your dog gets pats on the head, as well as belly scratches. He also gets treats and can drink water whenever he wants. He can bark when he wants. It doesn't bother anyone. 
Dyno Mutt is a happy, lively, playful environment. Our shop is an open space, so that all procedures can be viewed at all times, and so your dog never feels isolated. It is truly a place for dogs.
In addition, at Dyno Mutt, we understand that every dog is unique. In order to best serve your dog, we tailor each treatment to his or her specific needs. We choose the most beneficial combination of natural shampoos, conditioners, and the best techniques for drying and grooming. Please read our section on Services for more details.
If you are a current client at Dyno Mutt, we warmly thank you for your patronage. If you are not a client, we invite you to give us a try. We are always happy to make new friends and to expand our family :)